Are you uncertain about your relationship?
Are you looking for solutions but you can’t find them?
Are you having difficulties because your partner doesn’t understand what you’re saying?
Do you find it impossible to solve your problems?
Don’t you know how to improve your relationship?

Even if one of these questions sounds familiar to you, let’s talk!

It would be great if you could really „speak the same language” with your partner.

A relationship doesn’t work by itself. You have to work for it, but unfortunately, we were not taught at school how to make our lives happier with a partner!

If you want to

  • have a more harmonious relationship,
  • be more understanding with each other,
  • have more peaceful everyday life,
  • appreciate each other more,

or if

  • you can not decide whether to move on together or to seperate,

then write to me.

I guarantee that something will change in your relationship after the first conversation.

Email: info@egyszomintszaz.hu

Location: Budapest II. and XIII. district or ONLINE!


First session : 22.000 Ft (120 min./Min)

From the second meeting: 19.000 Ft (120 min./Min)